Ishikawa Rika’s Profile


Ishikawa Rika was chosen to join Morning Musume in April 2000 as part of the fourth generation, alongside Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, and Kago Ai. Soon after joining, both Ishikawa and Kago were added to the subgroup Tanpopo to replace Ishigura Aya, who had graduated from the group and Hello! Project the previous year.

In 2001, Ishikawa was “loaned” to the group Country Musume to form Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika (Morning Musume), even though she wasn’t a Hokkaido native like group members were intended to be. Originally, she was supposed to release only one single with Country Musume before another Morning Musume member was rotated into the group. However, because sales went up with the addition of Ishikawa, she worked with them until 2003.

In 2003, Morning Musume was split into two groups and Ishikawa became a part of Morning Musume Otomegumi, the more rock-influenced group of the two. Later, in 2004, she partnered with Michishige Sayumi to form EcoMoni, a group intended to promote ecological awareness at various events. Although EcoMoni is not a very active group, they have still made appearances as recently as 2008.

In August of 2004, Ishikawa became the leader of a new group, v-u-den, with newcomers Miyoshi Erika and Okada Yui. After graduating from Morning Musume on May 7, 2005, she focused full-time v-u-den until their disbandment on June 29, 2008.

Ishikawa has been featured in seven solo photobooks, and she also had her own radio show, Chanchaka Charmy.

In September of 2006, Ishikawa starred in the big-screen movie Sukeban Deka Codename Asamiya Saki (a.k.a. Yo-yo Girl Cop), opposite fellow Hello! Project member Matsuura Aya. She played the renegade villain, Special Detective Akiyama Reika. The remaining two v-u-den members, Miyoshi Erika and Okada Yui, also had parts in the movie.

In 2007, Ishikawa was added to Ongaku Gatas, a group consisting of members from Gatas Brilhantes H.P., the Hello! Project futsal team. After the announcement in January of 2008 that v-u-den would disband, it was expected that Rika would shift her focus to Ongaku Gatas. They have released a total of three singles and an album, but their future is uncertain after the announcement of the graduation of Elder Club from Hello! Project, which includes both Ishikawa and Ongaku Gatas. The graduation took place on March 31, 2009, at the concert Hello! Project 2009 Winter Elder Club Kouen ~Thank you for your LOVE!~.

Since then, she has been working in the group HANGRY & ANGERY as Angery, with fellow ex-Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitmoi. The group was announced just before the announcment of the Elder Club graduation, and since have released 3 singles, (“Kiss me Kill me” on October 10th 2008, “Top Secret” on November 18th 2009, and  “Reconquista” on July 2nd 2011),  1 min-album (“Kiss me Kill me” on November 19th 2008) and then 1 album (“Sadistic Dance” on November 18th 2009). The mini-album “Kiss me Kill me” was not only released in Japan, it was also released in the U.S. (via Japan Files), Korea, and Taiwan. They are the first ever H!P members (or past) to ever release something outside of Japan. The group made their U.S. premiere at Sakura-Con 2009 from April 10 to April 12, 2009, at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle. There will be a live performance as well as an autograph and a Q&A session. They also had their first European performance at “Chibi Japan expo” in Paris on October 31, 2009.

On Janurary 27th, Ishikawa released her 12th photobook, Hana Kokoro ~hanagocoro~.

It has been announced that Ishikawa, along with Yoshizawa Hitomi, will be forming a new group called ABCHO. The group will sing the opening theme for the anime adaptation of the popular social game, “Sengoku Collection“, starting in April. The unit is scheduled to release their first single, “Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo“, on May 23rd.

Ishikawa commented, “This time, we will be releasing a new song as ABCHO from Universal International. I’m very happy to hear that this song will be used as the opening theme for the anime, ‘Sengoku Collection’. I hope to make this a unit that will have a different worldview than H&A-f. Please continue to support us.”

Meanwhile, Yoshizawa expressed, “I’m excited about this new unit with Ishikawa-chan, that will be different from H&A-f. This will be my first time singing the opening theme for an anime, so I want to challenge it with a fresh feeling. Please cheer us on.”


Name: Ishikawa Rika
Nickname: Charmy, Rika-chan, Rikacchi, Rikami
Birth Date: January 19th 1985 (age 27)
Birth Place: Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 157.3cm
Foot size: 22.5 cm
Siblings: Ishikawa Yuria
Special skills: Y balance, yo-yo
Hobbies: Shopping, Tennis, nail art and earrings
Favorite colors: Pink, white, black
Favorite food:: Shiratama dumplings with red beans, cheese, sweets, meat
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite flowers: Dandelions
Dislikes: Birds
Hello! Project Groups:

  • Morning Musume (2000–2005)
  • Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika (2001–2003)
  • ROMANS (2003)
  • v-u-den (2004–2008)
  • EcoMoni (2004–)
  • DEF.DIVA (2005–2006)
  • Ongaku Gatas (2007–)
  • HANGRY & ANGRY (2008–)


  • Tanpopo (2000–2002)
  • Morning Musume Otomegumi (2003–2004)
  • Hello! Project Akagumi (2005)

Shuffle Groups:

  • Aoiro 7 (Second Generation) (2000)
  • 3nin Matsuri (2001)
  • Sexy 8 (2002)
  • 7AIR (2003)
  • H.P. All Stars (2004)


  • Dream Morning Musume (2011-2012)
  • ABCHO (2012-)


  • She has been in more different Hello! Project units than any member, with a total of 15.
  • Her Morning Musume mentor was Yasuda Kei.
  • She considers her mother her rival because she always said to Ishikawa that she used to be cuter.
  • One of her nicknames as a child was “Chimu”, due to the fact that she used to be chubby (muchimuchi).
  • Her favorite baseball team is the Hanshin Tigers.
  • She previously suffered from severe ornithophobia (fear of birds), which was frequently made fun of during her appearances on Utaban humorously by the use of chickens. During a 2005 New Year’s Day special, however, she seemed to respond well to hypnotherapy, and she has mostly outgrown her fear since then.
  • Best friends with Melon Kinenbi’s Shibata Ayumi.
  • Is known amongst members to have a very noticeable chin. Abe Natsumi sometimes calls her “Ago-chan” (“Ago” means Chin). Yoshizawa Hitomi constantly teases her about her chin as well.
  • Close friends with Yoshizawa Hitomi.

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