Michishige Sayumi’s Profile


Michishige was chosen to join Morning Musume as one of the 6th generation members in the Musume LOVE 21 Auditions in 2002 along with Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina. She made her debut on Morning Musume’s 19th sinlge, Shabondama. She was first featured on the Ai no Dai 6 Kan album, and made her first concert appearance at the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2003 Haru “Non Stop!” concert.

When Michishige passed the audition to join Morning Musume in 2003, Tsunku wrote in a comment about her that her singing is weak. After the audition Michishige has taken voice lessons to improve her singing, but even she admits that her own singing is still bad. While considered the weakest of her generation vocally, she tries to compensate with good looks and a narcissistic personality, openly referring to herself as the the cutest member of Morning Musume. She is sometimes considered the successor to Ishikawa Rika, given the role they have each played within the group.

In 2004, Michishige and Ishikawa Rika together formed the ecological awareness unit EcoMoni, and every summer they appear at various environmental and cultural festivals. They also released a joint photobook titled “Angels” in 2005.

Since 2005 she was assigned as mentor to 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu, later she admitted that she hated being Koharu’s mentor because she had to be taught everything. She also said that she took out her frustration by plucking out her eyebrows.

Starting in 2009, she’s appered several times on different Japanese variety TV shows, either on her own or along with other members, usually with Yaguchi Mari. On summer 2009 she gained a decent recognisement in the Japanese media due to her appearing in high-rating shows like London Hearts, Downtown DX and Odoru Sanma Goten, as well as in less popular shows. Netizens have pointed out “lately Michishige has been appearing often on TV”. A TV Guide article from August 2008 praised her sharp tongue. Michishige has started using her sharp tongue since sometime ago, particularly in her radio show, where on certain episodes she comments on something from the point of view of “Good/Angel Sayumi” and “Bad/Black/Devil Sayumi”.

It was revealed on July 2009 that Michishige Sayumi will form part of Zoku Biyuuden along with Jun Jun and Sugaya Risako.

In Feburary 2010, Sayumi released her E-Hello DVD, titled Homey.

From May 28th – 29th 2011 Sayu, alongside Tanaka Reina and Mitsui Aika, had a FC Bus tour. In August 2011, it was announced that Sayu would be the voice actress for the character named Harori in a MMO RPG game titled Dragon Nest. In November, due to comments by Tsugunaga Momoko about being cuter and would suit the character better (she plays the role of another character in the series) Sayumi had a poll put up where fans could vote of who would suit ther character better / who was cuter.

Sayumi’s 8th PB titled “Sayumindoll” was released October 27th 2011.

On December 23rd 2011, Sayumi had a Christmas dinner show with Tanaka Reina at the Prince Hotels.

Starting October 6th, Sayumi was the host for th new mbcms (Mobekimasu) Youtube channel show, Michishige Sayumi no ~Mobekumasutte Nani?. Every week she would have new members of different groups appearing as guests, where she interviews and talks with them.

On Feburary 14th 2012, Sayumi announced her collaberation with the company Sanrio’s cute bunny character Cinnamonroll in honor of Cinnamon’s 10th Anniversary. Sayu was dressed as her own character Sayu-usa during the event and for the photoshoots and merchandise for the event.. Goods were for sale, and the first 20 people to buy a goods set got to get a handshake ticket to meet Sayu in person.

Sayumi’s cellphone drama, titled Kare wa Imouto no Koibito was released on DVD on May 12th 2012.

Following Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika’s graduations on may 18th 2012, Michishige officially became Morning Musume’s leader with Tanaka Reina talking the sub-leader position.


    Name: Michishige Sayumi
    Nickname: Sayumin, Shige-san, Sayu, Sayu-chan, Shige-pink
    Birth Date: July 13th 1989 (age 22)
    Birthplace: Ubeshi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
    Blood type: A
    Height: 160cm
    Special skills: Tetris, braiding, Y-balance, math
    Hobbies: Phone, sleeping everywhere, Tetris, collecting things (Hair accessories, stickers, happy meal toys, erasers), chatting and listening to other people chat.
    Favorite colors: Pink, black
    Favorite sports: Tennis
    Favorite movie: Titanic
    Favorite flowers: Red freesias
    Favorite words: “Tensai”, “Thank you”, “Symmetric”.
    Favorite seasons: Summer, winter
    Favorite food: Chocolate and Mother’s homemade mentaiko spaghetti
    Disliked food: Avocado
    Favorite song: Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~
    Hello! Project groups’:


    • Morning Musume (2003-)
    • Hello! Project Mobekimasu (2011-)
    • Zoku v-u-den (2009-)


    • Morning Musume Otome Gumi (2003-2004)
    • H.P. All Stars (2004)
    • EcoMoni (2004-2007)
    • Hello! Project Akagumi (2005)
    • Shigepink, Kohappink (2006-2009)
    • Muten Musume (2010)


    • Metro Rabbits H.P. (2006)


    • Has an older brother and older sister.
    • Became close friends with Kamei Eri during their training camp.
    • Is noted for not having changed her hair in terms of cut or color since she joined.
    • Her catchphrase is “Usa-chan Peace!” while holding two peace signs beside her head, like rabbit ears. It has also been used in place of the “Sexy Beam” during some performances of “Koi no Dance Site.”
    • Was the Morning Musume mentor of Kusumi Koharu.
    • She won an award for aerobics in elementary school, and also took piano lessons.
    • Prior to joining Morning Musume, she most admired Takahashi Ai and Ishikawa Rika.
    • Her father is a researcher for the chemical company Ube Industries.
    • She is known to be the most narcissistic member.
    • In a blog entry, she once called Kamei Eri “My love”.
    • She was a regular co-host, with Kamei Eri and Nakazawa Yuko, of the “Eric Kamezou no Maido Arii” segment of Hello! Morning
    • In one of the of the skits known as Hello! Morning Theatre on their variety show, Hello! Morning, she is best known as playing a character known as “Ichiban Kawaii.” (Cutest)

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