Tamura Meimi’s Profile


Tamura Meimi is a member of Hello! Project as a second-generation member of S/mileage. She was first introduced at the Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ concert on August 14, 2011.

Along with the other 3 sub-members, Tsunku had them do a Smile UP! Campaign across Japan in order to become official members of S/mileage. The Campaign started on September 18th 2011, and at the event for the group’s single, Tachiagaru, it was announced that all the sub-members had passed and would be officail members of the group.

An event for the 9th and 10th generation memebers and S/mileage’s 2nd generation members, titled Mosuma FC Event ~Gachi☆Kira~ is set to take place on June 15th, 18th, and 20th 2012 at Yokohama Blitz.

Alongside several Hello! Project members, Tamura appeared in the comedy drama Suugaku Joshi Gakuen, which ran from January 11, 2012 — March 28, 2012.

On October 12 2013, Tamura Meimi’s grandmother passed away.

Tamura starred in the stage play Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ alongside the rest of S/mileage and Berryz Kobo. The play ran from September 6th to the 23rd 2013.

On October 29 2013, Tamura had an event to celebrate her 15th birthday, titled S/mileage ~Tamura Meimi Birthday Event 2013~, where she played games with the fans and held a mini-live. There were two performances.


Name: Tamura Meimi
Nicknames: Meimei
Birthday: October 30, 1998 (age 15)
Birthplace: Gunma, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 159cm (5’2″)
Specialty: Room arrangement, sports, doing hair
Hobby: Playing with her dog
Favourite Food: Squid soumen, plum konbu, scallop strings
Favourite Animal: Loves all animals
Favorite Subject: Music, art
Favorite Color: All colors
Favorite English Phrase: “For you”
Looks Up To: Hagiwara Mai, Niigaki Risa
Hello! Project groups:


  • S/mileage (2011-)
  • Hello! Project MobekisuJ (2013-)


  • Hello! Project Mobekimasu (2011-2013)


  • She’s good at imiating goldfish, and synchronizing.
  • Considers her strong point to be being energetic, and her weak point to be being rough and openhanded.
  • Describes her personality as loud.
  • Her older sister is Tamura Karen.
  • Has a half Shih Tzu half Miniature Dachshund breed dog named Ponchan.
  • Kept a dog she found in a cardboard box in January 2012.
  • She was in the Shugo Chara Musical with Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon, Saho Akari, and Wada Ayaka from Shugo Chara Egg!. She played the role of Yuiki Yaya.
  • Her audition number was 13.
  • Her audition song was ○○ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!.
  • Shares a birthday with Morning Musume member Fukumura Mizuki and former Coconuts Musume member Kimura Ayaka.
  • Her special skill is room arrangement.
  • She is the youngest member of S/mileage.
  • Looks up to Hagiwara Mai and calls her senpai.
  • Wants to do a duet with Hagiwara Mai.
  • On her days off from work, she spends most of her time playing with her dog.
  • She said that in her previous life she thinks she was a sloth, because she likes to sleep a lot.
  • She said if a thief came she’d feel that Tanaka Reina would come protect her.
  • She said if she could be another member, she said she would be Tsugunaga Momoko, because her overall personality is cute.
  • In Team Okai she covers Ishida Ayumi.
  • She likes Chickadees.
  • Fukuda Kanon gave her a Chickadee donut.
  • She was close friends with Kosuga Fuyuka.
  • She tends to her bangs because she doesn’t want to keep on plucking her eyebrows.
  • She believes that Tsugunaga Momoko is the both most energetic and mellowest member of Hello! Project. She explains that Tsugunaga has the ability to go both ways like an on-off switch, in which she personally believes she has no control over.
  • During the S/mileage Live Tour 2013 ~Smile Charge~, she expressed her love for soy sauce and puts it on everything she eats, including salads and potatoes.
  • She has bad vision, but she is afraid to put on contacts.

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