Chou! WONDERFUL Review

1. Chou Wonderful!
2. Midnight Temptation
3. Kiss me Aishiteru
4. Iza, Susume! Steady go!
5. Rururururu
6. Wakaretakunai
7. Aitai Lonely Christmas
8. Circle
9. Dance de Bakōn
10. 3ban Home 3 Ryōme
11. Campus Life: Umarete Kite Yokatta

I know this is a review, but allow me to tell you a bit of a story that somewhat brings me into this review. Chistmas 2009, I got my first 3rd generation iPod touch (the following Chrsitams I got the 4th gen). With the iTunes cards I had been given, I went on a total shopping spree, buying C-ute, Buono! and Berryz songs (I don’t think I was into S/mileage at the time, they didn’t form yet until the spring, right…? Yeah. Anyways, moving on.). I also wasn’t full on into Momusu either, I had just started to like them, so that’s why they aren’t included either. Once again, moving on… Anyways, C-ute’s 5th album, Shocking 5, was one of my purchases as well as Berryz 6th album, 6th Otebaki Album.

They both sucked.

For C-ute, Airi had two solos, Maimi with one, and Chisa, Nacky and Mai with a 3nin song. The songs weren’t terrible but they weren’t anything special and it was a disappointment. I never listen to these songs and it’s rare if I do and usually switch to the next song if it comes up while on shuffle. The cover was fine, but the content… horrible.

When C-ute’s 6th album was announced and details started to come to the surface, I was excited to see how this album would turn out a PRAYED it would be better than the last. And it was! C-ute 6th album is amazing and I love EVERY song on it. So now that my story’s over, I’ll move on the the tracks, and highlights of the list.

I think the best part about this album would have to be the main members with the songs. This hasn’t been done before except for by Buono!, but I was happy to see C-ute doing the same thing. Going in order (excluding singles), I’ll talk about my impressions of each song and what I liked/disliked about it:


A happy, engery-filled group song and the opening track. Everyone gets lines and the song (although repetive) is catchy and fun and I don’t get bored of it at all. It’s a good pick-me-up song and the lyrics are really cute.

2. Midnight Temptation

I loved this song the moment I listened to the previews that were released a month or more before the album. It’s mysterious, sexy and everyone sounds amazing (especially Chisato! I love her long notes~!) and I can see this being an amazing performace in concerts. Out of all of the songs on the album, this is the one I listen to the most.

4. Iza, Susume! Steady Go!

Nacky’s main song. I love it, it’s fun and I can see it being a fun song in concerts. It reminds me of Momusu’s Roman ~My Dear Boy~ with that weird instrument that I can’t descibe or know the name of. BUT dispite that I love it. I don’t like Nacky’s voice very much (no offense to Nacky fans, I love Nacky very much but her singing isn’t the best in my opinion) but I can tell she has improved over the years. It’s a song I don’t mind listening to every once in a while.

5. Rururururu

Airi’s main song, and the only slow song on here. I love Airi’s voice, it sounds almost… deeper, or is it just me? Anyways, it’s still an amazing song and I like listening to it. Chisato steals the spotlight with her long notes near the chorse, but Airi still does an amazing job! Picking a slow song was a good choice, she executed it well and I don’t think any other member (except for Chisato) could have pulled it off better!

6. Wakaretakunai

CHISA’S MAIN!!! :DDD Happiness. This song is really mature, and I love the uniqueness of the intsrumental. It’s a sad break-up song, and I think Chisato pulled it off fantasticly!! You can almost hear the sadness in her voice, and her voice blends with the song very nicely. This is the second-most listened to song on the album for sure for me. More Chisato solos/mains in the future please, Tsunku!!

8. Circle

Mai’s main song. This is the least listened to song on the album, and I don’t care for it really. Mai-chan’s voice isn’t bad, but like Nacky, not my favourite. Although that’s not an issue, as the other members sing more than she does dispite this being her main song. Even though I don’t mind, I think it’s a bit unfair that the others got main songs where they actually were the main while Mai didn’t.

10. 3ban Home 3Ryome

The one and only Maimi’s main song. This is song is cute and catchy, and I love the bubbliness of it! She sings in almost a soft way, and it really is a good way to show of Maimi’s unique voice. This would probably be the third-most listened to song on the album for me.

Altogether, the album as a whole is fantastic and truely ‘Chou (Ultra) Wonderful’! I recommend all C-ute fans to get a copy, even if it’s from iTunes. You did good this time, Tsunku-san, you did good.


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