Keitai Kanojo Review


Title: 携帯彼女
Title (romaji): Keitai Kanojo
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Date: April 6th 2011


Keitai Kanojo” is based on the popular mobile phone novel of the same name. In “Keitai Kanojo”, Airi Suzuki plays a high school student investigating the mystery behind a mobile phone dating simulation game. Seika Taketomi plays a girl who appears within the game, somehow killing the male players one by one.


When this movie had been subbed, it took me MONTHS to be able to watch it once I found someone to watch it with, as until recently I was never a fan of horror (although with all the horror films H!P releases, I’m not so freaked out by horror movies as much and will watch them). Finally, my best friends and I sat down and watched it one night. And it was great… but not fantastic. I’ll get into that later, but first I’ll talk about some of the good points of the movie and other things.

I’m not going to go step by step through the movie because you’ll just watch it anyways. So instead I’ll start with this: for those afraid of horror, this movie isn’t really “horror”. This movie, for me, was more like a thriller-type movie. the movie has maybe 5 gory parts but not all the way through and constantly like you would expect from this movie. Which is a good thing for those who aren’t a fan of horror films.

Airi’s acting is really great in this movie. I was impressed, although I’m not too surprised, I mean, it IS Airi after all. The movie’s plot forms nicely, although sometimes my BFF and I had to pause it and try to keep up, since as the plot moves along and the viewer discovers more you feel more confused than when you started. But it’s not a bad type of confused, it’s more of a “OH! Okay…. so what about this than??”, “Oh, so THAT’s what happened? Oh but what about this here…” and it’s sort of fun in a way. It reminded me of Sandra Bullock’s Premonition, except without the back-and-forth in time thing… for those who haven’t seen that movie, get it. It’s another good one. But Keitai isn’t so confusing like Premonition, but the idea that when you get to the end, even though you thought it was gunna end a certain way and it lead you to believe many different endings as it moved along, it ends in a way you didn’t see coming and the ending is a HUGE surprise… and also opens up for a second movie. Hopefully….

Now for what wasn’t good. Special effects and such were sort of on the cheep side. When watching the trailer for the movie, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a low-budget movie (especially at the part where Erika (the ghost) is standing in front of a leaning-over Airi in a park, where she’s glowing and it just doesn’t look good at all). But the plot and actors and awesome ending made up for it. But it was still annoying at times.

Besides the cheesy editing or even sometimes cheesy acting, the plot runs smoothly and keeps your attention and has an awesome ending that makes you want more. For those of you who have yet to see it, I really recommend it!

If you have questions about my review, the movie, or where to find it english subbed, please comment below!

Here’s the trailer for the movie:


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