I’ve already given my opinion on the covers when they were first released, but I’ll do it again for the review section from now on.

I really like both editions of this one! The only thing I would have changed is the Limited, having Miyabi looking back at the camera like Momo and Airi are. She looks a bit out of place the way she is currently. Other than that though, wonderful covers!


2. GO! GO! Gouda
3. Hatsukoi Cider (Album version)
4. Mirai Drive (Future Drive)
6. Natsu no Hoshizora (Summer’s Starry Sky)
7. Never gonna stop!


This album is wonderful! I’m just going to jump straight in…


This song is an awesome opening song! I can see it being a fun and energetic song in concerts and live performances. It’s upbeat and happy, and everyone gets a fair amount of lines. It’s probably my favourite song on the album.

2. GO! GO! Gouda!

This song is quite short. It’s also probably my least favourite and least listened to song on the album. I’m pretty sure it was also used for their newest commerical with Pizza-la a little while back, wasn’t it? It sounds so familiar… Anyways, nice track.

3. Hatsukoi Cider (Album version)

Now, when I bought the album off iTunes I gave it a listen but didn’t buy it since I already have the song (and need to save iTunes money for the other releases this year). The song has a different sound to the instrumental a bit but nothing too specail was changed.

4. Mirai Drive

LOVE THIS SONG. The violines are beautiful, and all the girls sound lovely. No complaints about this one either!


This song is another upbeat and happy song. It’s a bit less fast and fun than FEVER, but the genki-ness is there. It’s a nice song for summer, and the english “Feeling in my heart” and “I’m so happy” is cute. I like it~!

6. Natsu no Hoshizora

This is the slow song of the album (because every album must have one, right?). It’s a really nice song, I’ve fallen asleep listening to this song a few times now. The girl’s voices all sound nice (despite the sort of echo-effect on them, which makes it difficult to tell whether they’re singing seperate or together in the verses) and the song flows wonderfully.

7. Never gunna stop!

Buono!’s newest single. This song isn’t bad. It’s grown on my since the album’s release, but it’s not my favourite single and I haven’t played it on repeat or anything. It’s rockish so I like that about it, but it’s just not grabbing me the way Buono!’s past singles have. Kinda like Deep Mind in that way, I like it, but I don’t love it even though I think I should (I think I like Deep Mind better though). The echo-thing they did doesn’t always sound good, but it’s alright most of the time I guess. It doesn’t have that impact I think it should have had, especially in the course.

So overall this album is a great one. Partenza mostly showed a more cool, sexy rock-ish Buono! (minus Momoko’s main song of course), while this album seems to be quite the opposite, reflecting the more idol side of Buono! (minus Never gunna stop, which I guess is more their cool side).

I recommend this album to any Buono! fan, and if you have yet to get it, please do so when you have the chance!


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